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Torrentz Shutdown, Clones emerges rapidly

Torrentz goes down, silently ends their operations either for a good or no reason. But this won’t stop piracy at all. Hundreds if not thousands, of other sites are there to facilitate the people by providing the copyrighted material (we will discuss those sites later on with information regarding the files being uploaded there) for free. Such stuff worth thousands of dollars if buy legally from the original vendor. This is a serious issue that has been addressed by law enforcement agencies and US Department of Justice very well and in response to this, they have seized the official sites as well as many of the domains of Kickass torrents (recently) and The Piratebay (in past). But this does not stop the torrents sharing as much.

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Note: site is still accessible via direct link or search engine. The site is on its original URL, but entering a search string in the search bar won’t show you any result. Their search functionality is modified that it will lead to nowhere accept an advertisement page.


While some of the torrentz lovers are unhappy with its closure, many see it as an opportunity.  Just after the site goes down, many of its clones emerged to take the position for the keywords once occupied by or .eu. Various mirror sites being evolved by other torrent sites operating teams such as isohunt, TPB and KAT to grab the millions of users of the original site and to leverage the goodwill built by Torrentz.

Here we have compiled the list of Torrentz website clones. We are pretty much sure that one day, all such sites will get closer and we will have piracy-free future.

The above said site is popped up just after the original site closes its operations. has started indexing torrents sites, pages and files (third-party) with a relatively slower speed (as compared to the other 2 in the list). Till to date, the site has indexed 40+ torrents sharing sites and their pages with 30,508,811+ torrents file in total. It lacks some of the features that were unique to official site such as user log in and the voting functionality.

Update: The voting functionality works now and users are able to vote thumbs up or down on a file if it working or broken.

As seen on the site’s front page, claims to be an upgraded version and clone of the official site. The text also reads “A free, fast and powerful torrent meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines”. This clone has much more indexed pages and torrent files than the first one in the list. Till to date the site give weightage to and show results from 65+ sites. With a total 11, 341, 087 pages and 60, 036, 981 files, this clone of surpass the rest in the list.


The site works almost exactly similar to the original site by just searching for and giving links to the files that hosted on other servers and torrent sharing sites. However it lacks the voting feature and do not have subscription option which means users can’t sign up and log in to the site to track the records or to favorite some links. They also didn’t support the commenting feature so no one can comment the file status, health and quality after download.

Well this site put the whole keyword “” in their domain to attract as many visitors as they can from Google. The site seems to be operated by an unprofessional blogger, developer or team as they didn’t advertise themselves and just copy-pasted the title, description and text from the front page of original site. This site too has indexed many other torrenting sites like bitsnoop, kickasstorrents,, extratorrnets, torrentshound and the pirate bay. There index is growing day by day. Similar to other clones and alternative sites of torrrentz, this site too didn’t care much about the voting or rating of torrent files, commenting the experience or logging in to the site.

Final Words

Now by giving the overview of these clone sites of torrentz, we didn’t mean to promote the piracy and illegal sharing of precious material over internet, this article is meant to inform the authority and the concern boards to have a look of these sites and how they follow the Copyright roles and regulations. Sooner or later, one of the above three will become the decade next Torrentz.

Note: We do not promote any of the torrent sites on the We just want to keep conscious the people about what’s going on around in the field of internet piracy. Please beware if any site is asking you for login, personal information, contact details or credit card number as the site may be intendant to phishing.

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