Torrentz, The Search Engine of Torrent files Shut down Silently which was formerly known as was one of the mega torrenting site of the era. The site gives tough time to its native rivals like Kickasstorrents (, Isohunt, The Piratebay and Extra Torrents. Torrentz was actually a search engine which the visitors used to track the torrent files being hosted on third-party servers such as

The site is one of the oldest torrent sharing site (working as a search engine), came into existence in 2003, a week or 2 before the piratebay. Initially it was a torrent hosting site but soon it becomes the search engine which do not host torrent files directly on their servers but indirectly show the files by linking to it. Before its closure, the site has millions of unique visitors per month searching for movies torrents, music, books and software over this meta-search engine of torrent.

On August 6th2016, after serving the torrent lovers for 13 years, Torrentz silently seized its operations; the home page is accessible however. It is still present there in search engines result pages, holding the 1st position for its original keywords. But when a visitor enters the site, all he sees is the traditional homepage of the, a search bar in the middle, login option on the top right cornet along the help tab. It seems normal but entering a search string into the bar won’t show results. Instead, it redirects to a page where the team behind Torrentz announcing its closer and in some countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, it redirects to an advertisement page.


Even if it was a torrents search engine, receives many notices regarding the violation of Copyright act and distribution of pirated material including Hollywood movies, books, music and premium software. The site goes into dark silently without prior notification, just announcing its closure on their homepage (for logged in users).

Now, we are not sure that this closure is permanent or temporary as in past, many torrents sites faces the closure and shutdown due to violation of law but came back to business after few weeks or months. It is good to tackle mega torrenting site like Torrentz but closing a single site is not enough to make the internet piracy free. There are clones to Torrentz that provide same level of torrenting experience to the users. One can find easily the material which he/ she looking for over the internet using torrent sites.

In the recent month, the back to back closure of 2 big torrent sites the Kickasstorrents and the is a big upset for torrent community. The shutdown of these sites leave a gap that none of other can fill. Many pretend to be the official clones of Torrentz and Kickass torrents, all are fakes.Their closure is however seems to be good sign by those who want a piracy-free internet.

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