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Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2016


Recently, we have seen closure of many top torrent sharing sites including Kickasstorrents, Pirate bay and the The first 2 were shut down by law enforcement agencies due to violation of law and distribution of Copyrighted material while the last one just say goodbye to the business and closes its operations.

Well for whatever reason, The Pirate Bay to TBP comes back to the world of internet, started its operations as it was once and got it position back on Search engine result pages. We are not sure about theStatus of Kickasstorrents in near future, whether they will regain the original site or come up with a better clone of KAT, but till now, the site is close.

Even after their closure, people still looking for and search over internet for their favorite torrent site; they sometime landed on a fake clone or useless torrent site. To avoid this and to let you know about the legitimate torrents sites, here we have compiled a list of 10 best torrenting sites that are still alive which means they are facilitating the people to find a copyrighted material (or committing crime in other words). This is a serious issue however and sooner or later, these site will be penalized or get closure for violation of law. Hope that one day, we will have the piracy-free internet.

01. The Pirate Bay

In our list of top 10 torrent sharing sites, the Pirate Bay held the top position because of two reasons. Number 1, it is the oldest torrenting sites that are alive in 2016 and number 2, TBP has a huge database of torrents files that ranges from Movies, Books, Music and software.Founded in 2003, the site has served the community for 13 years.Almost any Hollywood movie can be founded there once it resale. Even the films which are released in 2016 can be downloaded from ThePirateBay.

As far as theunique visitors or daily traffic is concerned, the piratebay bay receive 1.5+ million daily traffic from all around the world with 40% of its from USA only. Based on its Alexa Ranking,TPB is among the top 500 sites in the world with overall traffic ranking 334. Google is on the top in this ranking followed by Facebook and YouTube.


Interesting Fact: There is a movie about the site named “The Pirate Bay Way from Keyboard”.  TBP was once shut downed by US Department of Justice and seized their original domain The site than acquired numerous domains with different country TLDs such as,, etc. The site is now on its original domain however.

02. Extra Torrent

Another popular site that is well known by torrents lovers is the Extra Torrent. This site has been founded in 2006 by team.The site is well organized into categories such as Movies, Books, Music, Software and Games which make it easy for a user to search for a specific file by selecting the movie or audio checkbox.As far as the popularity is concerned, just like ThePirateBay, this site too,resides among the top 500 sites in the world. The Alexa rank of ExtraTorrent is 450 which means that it receives 4 Million average monthly traffic.

Extra torrent has millions of torrents file uploaded to their servers, mostly users uploaded. This can be an issue for the site because users don’t care about the copyrighted material and can upload anything. Recently, Kickasstorrents seized because of users uploaded Hollywood movies and premium softwares.

03. YTS

On number three of our list of top 10 torrent sites resides the YTS. YTS is a rebirth of YIFY which faces allegations and eventually closure in past years due to DMCA violation.Soon after YIFY closure, the site cloned as YTS and is alive on URL. This time, they have upgraded the look and feel of the site and come up with a beautiful and professional design. Unlike other torrents sharing sites in the list, YTS is renowned for movies torrents. YTS hosts almost any Hollywood movie on their servers, new or old, and there database grow day by day. Not only English movies, the site team being do uploaded foreign language movies and TV serials as well.

YTS is now the favorite torrent downloading site of millions of people who used this platform to download movies. The site didn’t come in top 500 popular websites (Alexa Rank) but near to it. The current Alexa Rank of is 695 and as it goes famous, it will be soon in the list of Top 500 sites.

04. RarBG

The RarBG or RBG (sometime) is a one of its kind torrent site. The team behind RarBG not only uploads files (movies, music, book, software, TV Serial) but they keep their visitors updated with the latest news and updates about the TV serials, Shows, Movies and books. This site is in Alexa Top 1000 sites with rank 768 in all over the world. The site receives huge traffic from search engines, bookmarks and social media as well as from the word of mouth.

Due to ignorance of Copyright and DMCA notices, RarBG facing ban in many countries including United States, United Kingdome, Australia, Denmark and a few more. Their URL is seized and they are currently on If they want to continue their business, they must take such notices and complaints seriously.

05. 1337x

Here comes our next contender that holds the position at Number 5 among the best torrenting sites in the world.  1337x is a site partly managed by developers and users. Here users can upload the files but they have to follow some rule regulations. This community-based torrent is best for almost any kind of file like movies, TV shows, Music, Books and software. They are not limited or stuck to only one or 2 file format. The site promotes its most searched, most popular and most downloaded torrents files and movies on its front page.

1337x popularity is proven with its monthly visitors which surpasses 1 million on average. Due to this huge traffic, their Alexa Rank is 1151 which is for sure go below 1000 or even 500. The probability is increases with the closure of Kickasstorrents and

06. Torrentdownloads

The name say it all, Torrentdownloads, is site with clean interface, easy to locate files with search functionality and professional look. This torrent downloading site is on 6 because it is relatively new and will gain popularity as it ages.This site functions similar to (from the kickass torrent) however their database of torrents file is not that much huge.

With 2765 Alexa ranking, this site has hundreds of thousands unique visitors from different sources including Search engine, social media, IT forums and blogs.

07. isoHunt

I know it will hurt some fans of IsoHunt, the side should probably be on the top of the list or on second number due to its amazing features, support accessibility of files. This site is more than just a torrent sharing sites; it let the user log in there, comment on a file, read the latest blog posts and upload file. The way it categorizes files especially movies are far better than any other site in the list. But torrent lovers usually don’t look for these features. They visit the site to get and download the required torrent file and go on. That’s why it receives relatively low traffic as compared to other top sites in the list.

Founded in 2006, IsoHunt as it name suggests was initially built to upload .iso files. Later on the site cover other file format as well including books and music in PDF and Mp3 format.This site has Alexa Rank 3370.

Note: Isohunt has recently launched a mirror site to Kickasstorrentsafter its closure.

08. Limetorrents

On number 8 is LimeTorrents which is famous because of its stylish look and user interface. This torrent site shows the health and status. It looks like a modified form of LimeWire that focuses on torrent sharing with totally new presentation. The site shows the leech and seedsof a torrent file and health status (the more the health or the green bar, the more rapidly it will download). It also let the users or visitors to comments on a file status. This way other will know the quality of movie or a music file.

Lime torrents current Alexa rank is 4253 which has the potential to better and comes under 1000 in future.

09. TorrentHounds

It is another great torrent site similar to The Pirate Bay and can be used as an alternate to and Kickasstorrents. Torrenthounds,com is not a new folk; rather it exists since January 2012. It uploads newly release Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV Serials, premium software sang games. The site on average receives a huge number of torrent lovers’ visits. The Alexa rank for this torrent sharing website is 42,936

10. BitSnoop

Here comes a simple yet great torrent sharing website, Bitsnoop.The site made its position on number 10 in the list. We included the site to our list because of some unique features. It has a simple front page with search bar. The radio buttons under the search bar let you select the Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games and Softwaretorrents files only.When enter a string, the site shows the result with most recent torrent files with good health. Most of the torrent files are actually located on third-party servers including the

AS far as the popularity and monthly traffic is concerned, Bitsnoop receives a huge traffic volume from torrents keywords and branded search. The traffic volume surpasses 1 million per month. Alexa Rank of Bit Snoop is 5710.

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