The Boss Baby Torrent

The Boss Baby Torrent Uploaded to Extratorrent, KAT and TPB

The famous animated movies by DreamWorks Animation, The Boss baby torrent is just uploaded to many torrents sharing sites including Extratorrents, KAT, TPB, Torentz and Queen Torrent. The boss baby is actually a little baby with the mind of an adult. The story behind the movies is that the briefcase-carrying suit-wearing baby lead the fight against the CEO of puppy company. This is actually based on fight between the babies and the puppies. The Boss Baby was released on 31st March by 20 Century Fox, first released in Miami and then released in all over the USA and other countries.

So after its release, the CAM (CAMRip / DVD Screener recorded) version of the boss baby was uploaded to the torrent website, The PirateBay. CAM version was however not of good quality so there were more thumbs down for the torrent file than the thumbs up. But recently in the mid of April 2017, the HD version of this animate film uploaded to the extratorrents, Kickass torrent ( and to a less known torrent site The last mention torentz get data from the first 3 torrent websites.

The Boss Baby Torrent


The Boss Baby Torrent Files Locations

During our research for the instances of the torrent file of the boss baby over different torrent search engines and websites, we have noticed that there are a number of sites that have uploaded the movie file. Few of them have the HD copy of the film, other just have low quality mp4 and screen recorded CAM versions. Here is the list of such website where the comedy animated movie of the baby is uploaded.

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Kickass Torrents
  • Extratorrents
  • cr
  • Torentz / Torrenz 2 EU
  • Queen Torrents
  • YTS Torrents (YIFY Movies)
  • how
  • iTorrentz
  • ph

It is worth to note here that movies torrents are uploaded frequently to the above mentioned and other torrent websites soon after its released.  This cause significant lost in term of revenue to the film makers. The Boss baby torrent is not the only case. There are many popular movies torrents of 2017 and 2016 being uploaded to torcache and similar sites. The same thing was happened in case of “The Accountant” and “The Kong Skull”. Both these movies were uploaded to, piratebay and other torrenz website a month after its released. This is a serious issue and should be note down immediately to work upon.


The Boss Baby, Movie at glimpse

  • Plot: Based on Comic Story book “The Boss Baby” (2010)
  • Release On: March 31, 2017
  • Budget: $125 million
  • Revenue: $375 million
  • Writer(s): Michael McCullers and Marla Frazee
  • Director: Tom McGrath
  • Crew / Cast:
    • Alec Baldwin as Boss Baby
    • Edie Mirman as Big Boss Baby
    • Miles Christopher as Tim Templeton (Boss Baby 7-year-old brother)
    • Steve Buscemi as the CEO of Puppy Co
    • Jimmy Kimmel as father of boss baby
    • Lisa Kudrow mother of boss baby
    • David Soren as Jimbo
    • Walt Dohrn as the Photographer | More »


Internet would be awesome without piracy. But sadly the piracy grows like a cancer and seems unstoppable in near future. Tons of pirate material including Movies, Audios, TV Shows, Books, Software and games are uploaded to the torrent and file sharing websites on the internet on daily basis. While most of the torrent search engines like Torrenz, Torentz, and websites like kickass torrents, Extratorrents and bitsnoop are taken down, new websites are emerges on daily basis having the same data left by the big names. Hope we will have piracy free internet one day.

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