Extratorrents Unblock, Status, Mirrors, Alternatives, Clones and Extra Torrent Proxy

Extra Torrents with its original URL extratorrents.cc shut down its services recently for some reason (updates). The site was however ban to access in certain countries but users used to unblock the Extratorrents with proxies. This torrent site was more than just a website but a search engine to find the pirated stuff. Users of this torrent site use it for downloading their favorite movies, anti viruses, software, books, audio files as well as games. Accessing the site with its original URL extratorrent.cc, the homepage is placed with a farewell message by the team ET.

“Extratorrents has shut down permanently. ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake Extra Torrent websites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and torrent community. ET was a place to be….”


Extratorrents came into existence on Dec, 2012 by a team of developers and soon become a place to upload and download the pirate material like Hollywood movies, TV shows, Books, Music and games on their server. These stuffs could be access via any BitTorrent client like uTorrent, Vuze or browser based torrent utilities.

The homepage of the original website was nicely designed with important sections. The files are categorized by their formats which makes it easy to browse for a specific file format. There is a search bar on the top corner of the site. With this feature, extratorrent serves as a torrent search engine. The database of ExT contain millions of files, most of them are user uploaded.


Extratorrents Status

Extratorrents.cc shutdown voluntarily on 17th of May 2017. The site remain up for 5 years, making huge contribution to the torrent community. The reason why the torrent giants shutdown its services remain secrete yet. The team behind the ET didn’t disclose it in interview.

Extratorrents.cc Down


Extratorrents alternatives and Clones

Taking advantage of goodwill of a name, brand or website that recently shutdown, takedown, seized, de-indexed or banned is a common tradition on internet. Whenever a notable website shutdown, clones emerges rapidly to gain the attention of huge number of visitors. It has been notices that fairly uncommon sites with same keywords in the title go viral upon the closure of original website.

Extratorrents.cc has millions of visitor direct, referral as well as from search engines. Thousands of internet users hit the search term “Extra torrents”, “Extratorrents movies” and “Extratorrents.cc” on search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing to access the torrent site. These people eagerly looking for an alternate when they do not found the required site. This is where the clones emerge to take advantage of goodwill.

So following are the best and working alternates to Extratorrents.cc. Hope that they are all up to your expectation and fulfilling your needs.

Top 10+ alternatives are

  1. The Pirate Bay (still one of the popular alternatives)
  2. yts.ag (specifically providing English movies and TV shows)
  3. RARBG (focused on movies and TV shows)
  4. IsoHunt.to (BitTorrent & P2P torrent search engine)
  5. Torrentproject
  6. 1337X (allowing user uploads)
  7. Torrentz2 (meta-search)
  8. KAT.ph
  9. Kat.how
  10. Extratorrentonline.com
  11. Torrentz2.eu


Status of Clones and alternatives

  • KAT.ph is up and working
  • Kat.how is up and working
  • extratorrent.one is down
  • Kickasstorrents.com is down
  • kickasstorrent is down
  • extratorrentonline.com is up and working
  • Torrentz.eu is up but didn’t provide results
  • etproxy.com is down
  • Torrentz2.eu is up and working
  • extra.to is down
  • Bitsnoop.com shutdown recently
  • ThePiratebay.org is up and working
  • yts.ag is up and working
  • etmirror.com is down

How to Unblock Extratorrents with Proxy

Extratorrents.cc is banned in many European countries and in other geo-locations around the world. The clones such as Extratorrent.cd, Extratorrent.cx and Extratorrent.ag are however accessible in most of these countries. To access original website, there is no way accept proxies. Proxies let us unblock Extratorrents and brows its database of movies, tv shows and software for downloading and watching them on PC. So here we have a proven method to use proxies to access Extratorrent.cc

Extratorrents Unblock


Extratorrents sections (Categories and Subcategories)

The site has around 4 million torrents file. This is really a huge number. But thankfully the ocean of torrent files are being organized nicely into categories and subcategories. These sections or categories are placed on the front page of the extratorrent for easy access. The number of main categories are 9 with numerous sub-categories.

So here are the sections at Extratorrent.cc main page.

  1. Extratorrent Movies

One of the most popular and most loves section of ET was the movies. This section of extratorrent.cc houses tons of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other foreign languages. The site was most popular for its movies. It provides 720p and 1080p HD movies. However there are other torrent website specifically providing movies and films to download are YTS.ag and yiffi.tv

  1. Extratorrent TV Shows

Whether it’s a reality show, talk show, drama serial or documentary, ET TV show section has it all. The number of developers and users uploaded shows reaches to half million this year. Recently a popular TV serial “Orange is the New Black”, “Bad Breaking” and game of thorns are uploaded to the database. In past popular documentaries such as Ancient Aliens and Incredible Human Body was uploaded as well.

  1. Extratorrent Audios

There lot more in the Audio section of Extra torrents search engine. Audio section of the site contain Music; you can download the whole album, audio files of lectures, speech and much more.

  1. Extratorrent Books

You can download the torrent files of books in PDF format. Books from almost every genre is available on ET including accounting, coding, Medical, Mathematics, Engineering, Science as well as popular novels.

  1. Extratorrent Softwares

When it comes to premium software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Antivirus such as Norton, Panda, Avira and Avast, there is no best option then Extratorrent.cc

  1. Extratorrent Games

From Need For Speed to Call f Duty and GTA, game lovers could find any type of games, not trial but full version.

  1. Extratorrent Adult

It is true that most of people visit the website and use it to download the ad*lt material.

  1. Extratorrent Images

This section of the website contain graphics like Stock images and more.

  1. Extratorrent Others

Here miscellaneous files are uploaded for example apk files or plugins.


Extratorrents.cc working Mirrors for movies download

  • Extratorrents.cd
  • Extra torrent .cx
  • Extratorrent.tv


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