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About TorStatus is Google Powered Torrent Search Engine with 1000s of torrent sites being indexed. Tor Status is an Online Torrents Search Engine that brings torrents files and movies from most reliable and trusted torrent sites. Being powered by Google, Tor Status only brings the legitimate torrent files from verified sites. It means there is no risk of Malware or malicious products. So let enjoy downloading the latest movies, software, books and games.

Why Tor Status?

Recently, the internet community saw closure of many torrenting sites. This including the Kickasstorrents and the torrent meta-search engine Closure of these sites emerge the need to have a safe and legal torrent search engine that show results from trusted and indexed sites only. This is why Tor Status came to existence.

Key features of TS Torrent Search Engine

Torstatus has certain unique features which make it the number one engine for searching torrent files. Top features includes

1. Ad-free, don’t pop or show annoying pop-ups

2. Fast and lightweight

3. Use-friendly interface

4. Results from Safe torrent sites

5. Google powered search

6. Regularly updating blog

7. No sign in required

Our List of Top Torrent Search Engines

Torrenting get harder and harder over time. This is due to law enforcement firms and agencies getting hard on piracy sites. Arrest of the owner of Kickass torrent is an example of that. Moreover, Google is de-indexing the sites that have copyrighted or pirate stuff, movies and books on their servers. So finding an awesome torrent downloading site is much harder than ever.

But there is still a hope. Some of the torrent sites are legal by means that they share the stuff which are no more for profit. Also they upload Creative Common Pictures, videos, audios and stock images. So here we have compiled a list of such legal torrent sites and search engine that are not yet de-indexed from Google or ban. The list of our top torrent search engine from where we fetch results is here.

1. Torentz

One of the torrent search engine giant, Torrentz shut it down for some reason last year. The gap was not filled until the emergence of Torentz as a great alternate to the actualTorentz one. Torentz is relatively new torrenz search engine but comes with great torrent searching features that outclass many others. It let you search for the term in Video, Audio, Books as well as in software. This makes it easier to get the right torrent file you are looking for. For example if you are looking for the search term The accountant”, you might choose the Book radio button before hitting the search button. This will show results only for the PDF or CHM books. And, if you hit the video radio button while searching for accountant, the result displayed will be about the accountant movie. Similarly “Audio” search will reveal the sound tracks from the movie that you just typed in the search bar.

2. YTS Torrent (YIFY)

YTS torrent says that they are the home of yify movies torrenz files. And that’s true. When visit the YTS torrent site for the first time, it look merely like a theater with numerous top rated movies poster being displayed on the front. Of course they are what they said.

We here at torstatus, display results from YTS torrents for any movies that the users are looking for. Because we trust the authenticity of the yts movies torrenting site and know that the movies uploaded there are of HD quality.

You can easily found dual audio films just by typing the second language after the movie name. For example if you are looking for the Fast and Furious 8, just type “Hindi”, “Espenol” or “Dutch” after the name. The result displayed will contain the dual audio movies.

3. Torrenz

Another new search engine for exploring and downloading torrent files, Torrenz. This website was built around June 2015 and start uploading legitimate materials to their Torrenzdatabase. Torrenz soon replaced many other sites that were famous for downloading movies, books and audio via torrent clients. It becomes the number one choice for torentz fans to use this website over others. However it was built to share legal stuff which would be downloaded via uTorrent or Bittorrent, the site still faces some copyright infringement issues and takedown for a while late in 2016. They have precious data of movies, books and software, all will be made available via Google Powers Tor Status CSE.

4. Kickass torrent

Well, Kickass torrent is one of the most famous and most searched torrenz search engine. This legendary torrent site changes the way people downloading movies and files. Torrenting was not much famous and would not be that easy without the Kickass torrent.

Kickass torrent is quite old as compared to the other torent search engines and websites. The site came into existence in the mid of 2008. With over 9 years of dominance in the world of piracy, there is no other site like Kick Ass Torentz.

The site owner was recently being jailed for distribution of copyrighted material for free among the internet users. The actual site was taken down but numerous of its clones emerge. Popular clones of Kickass torrent site including, and

5. iTorrentz

When first hear itorrentz, it seems to be an iPhone or iOS app for torrenting. And yes, it is true to an extent. ITorrentz is not only serving the internet users as an online iTorrentztorrent downloading website, it rather serves as an app for Android and Apple phone as well. The site has built separate apps for both of the smartphone platforms and being used by smartphone users for downloading torrenz files.

The app has great feature so the site have. But since this page is intendment to cover the best torrent search engines, we will disclose the itorrent app and apk in another post. For now just enjoy downloading movies with this cool site.  

6. Extratorrents

Extratorrents as its name indicates, provide some extra ordinary torrenting features. The site comes up to the field of torrenting for not only combating the rivals like extratorrentsTorrenz, iTorrents, KAT, The PirateBay but also to change the tradition of torrenting itself. Now let’s see how.

When you go to the homepage Extratorrents, even if you are not in the mode of searching for something, you’ll end up with downloading the hot and favorite movie, the most popular song or the most popular book from the site. This is because the site has arrange a section for the popular files from each category.

Another cool thing about Extratorrents is that the main page has 9 sections. This including Movies, TV torrents, Anime, Music, Books, Pictures, Software, Mobile (apps and apk) Ad*lt and others section. Each segment has the numbers of torrent files being uploaded or present there. For example the movie section of Extratorrents has about half million movies in it. You can get the extratorrents movies list by simply clicking on the Movie icon on the home page of extra torrent. You can also get ETTV and EZTV serials and show from there.

7. Queen torrent

8.  Ttorent

What You Can Find Here?

On Torstatus, user can find a number of torrent file whether it is a Hollywood movie, a TV Serial, a Book, a Game or Software. All these are free and WE INCLUDE ONLY Results from Google. We do no host any of the above mentioned files.

What Do You Need to download Torrent Files?

In order to download a torrent file or movie torrent on your PC you need to have a torrent client installed. BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, Deluge and BitComet are all examples of torrent clients. The software help you connect with Peer machine where a torrent file is hosted. Few browsers also integrate torrent client including the Torch Browser. You can also use Internet Download Manager to download torrent files. A good internet connection is indeed needed.

Disclaimer: This is totally a Google Powered Search Engine. We do not host or reproduce any type of Copyrighted contents; we just show results as do Google. Contact Us if have any query or Concern.